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tender age, vol. ii (standalone)

pairing/characters: jongzelo, banghim, daejae
rating: still PG-13

previous: games people play / don't know how you do it / tender age

well, jongup never predicts that it would be this awkward to have a safe sex talk with the two oldest members of B.A.P.

in fact, sex never really crosses his mind―like, at all. but now that yongguk and himchan-hyung are explaining a little bit too eagerly about condoms, lubricants (?), and howtotakecareofjunhong; well.


jongup scratches his arm and nods along with every explanations; questioning silently why is himchan-hyung blushing every now and then when he talks about ‘preparation’ and ‘fingers’ and ‘the bundle of nerve that will make junhong reach orgasm’.

jongup holds up his right hand like a good student before he asks, “ng, do i really have to have sex with junhong? because we’re still in high school, hyungs, and junhong giggles when i kiss him.”

himchan-hyung, honest to god, faints. yongguk-hyung looks like he wants to join moon jongup’s most favorite hyung (because jongup still doesn’t know that the two are dating)―but he can’t; so he just leers awkwardly.


back at the dorm, jongup finds his baby giant buing buing boyfriend is doing a homework in their bedroom; a cute frown decorates his face. he’s lying stomach down on jongup’s bed, and jongup sits cross-legged by junhong’s head and places his chin on the bed.

“hi,” junhong grins when jongup blows air to his ear; resting his cheek on the back of his palm, facing jongup. “what were you doing with yongguk and himchan-hyung?”

“they told me weird things.” jongup bites at the fabric of junhong’s pink couple sweater that they bought on their super awesome late night escapade awhile ago. jongup regrets not wearing his blue one at the moment.

“what weird things.” junhong blinks.

“sex.” jongup shrugs.

junhong blushes and hides his face to the pillow, grumbling something unintelligible.

daehyun-hyung suddenly enters and sits himself across the two younger boys, crossing his arms.

“don’t you dare have sex in our bedroom,” says the busan won bin.

“hyung!” junhong sits up, sounding exasperated. jongup frowns.

“why?” he asks.

daehyun-hyung uses ten seconds straight to bore a hole onto jongup’s whole body with his narrowed eyes before he shakes his head,

“it’s the rule, dongsaengs. remember that.”

“what rule?” jongup asks again.

“oh god.” daehyun-hyung wears his mask and leaves.

jongup turns to junhong, but junhong is still blushing and averting his gaze elsewhere.

“junhong-ah, i don’t understand anything,” jongup climbs to sit next to junhong. “but it’s okay. i don’t think we should have sex anytime soon. we’re still in high school.”

junhong, honest to god, glares angrily and shoves jongup’s shoulder―hard―before he stomps out of the bedroom and slams the door shut with a force.

jongup tries to kiss his baby giant buing buing boyfriend a couple of times after that; but even after a week, junhong is still not talking to him.


by the second week of ‘my baby giant buing buing boyfriend silent treatment’; youngjae-hyung takes him to a fancy pasta restaurant near their dorm, says that jongup can order anything he wants but he has to trust youngjae-hyung with whatever problem he’s facing right now.

“because i’m your most reliable hyung,” youngjae-hyung says peacefully, and jongup would like to argue about it but remembers how himchan-hyung acts nowadays (more like, avoiding him due to embarrassment, really).

“okay.” jongup nods once, and orders a bowl of banana split ice cream with cheese-something spaghetti to eat.

then he recites what has been happening in a neat timeline. youngjae-hyung hums here and there, taps a finger to his chin, and clicks his fingers.

“first of all,” youngjae-hyung intervenes jongup’s monologue about how junhong refuses his kisses and hugs and always looks at him with disbelief written all over his face. “first of all, jongupie, do you know what your fault is?”

jongup makes a face. he’s at fault?

“you’re so cute,” youngjae-hyung smiles, “but can be sooooooo dense at inappropriate times. why, moon jongup?”

jongup makes a face again and youngjae-hyung counts to twenty.

“alright, i’m calm.” the older boy looks determined. “okay, so. yes, jongup-ah, you’re at fault. when two people love each other, what they usually do?”

that’s easy. “kiss? go to see movies and eat and walk hand in hand and tell each other silly, daily things, buy coupl―”

youngjae-hyung looks like he’s about to flip the table.

“yes, yes. that’s like, the basic. but after the basic, we come into ‘the advanced’ level, are you following me?” jongup nods eagerly; it’s like levels on games, right? “good. now. after doing the basic level, usually the lovers will move to ‘the advanced’ level. and that level is exactly what yongguk and himchan-hyung tried to educate you long, long ago. and how you were made; because your parents love each other and have gone to ‘the advanced level’.

my point is; you’re at fault because you failed to recognize the sign junhongie gave you about the said levels.”

did youngjae-hyung turn into real alien? what is he talking about!

“hyung?” jongup shakes his head, a little bit ashamed that he starts to fall into a twilight zone. levels, huh.


youngjae-hyung’s chin trembles.


it’s a lazy saturday, and for once jongup is able to sleep like a log. he can smell a faint breakfast aroma but decides he’ll just sleep straight until lunch, but when he tries to move to his side, he realizes there’s a body on top of him.

“hyung,” junhong pats his cheeks to wake him. “cheetos boyfriend hyung, listen to me.”

jongup’s hands instantly fly to frame junhong’s waist, stroking it sleepily.

“watimeisit?” he asks, still out of his mind.

“ten, but listen to me will you?” junhong pinches his cheeks and now jongup is fully awake. he clears his throat and raises his eyebrows.

“i want to have sex,” junhong says calmly but he blinks too much so he must be quite nervous right now. “are you listening? let’s have sex. all the other hyungs did it already. but that’s not the point. i love you, jongup-hyung.”

“i love you too.” jongup nods. “i love you, junhong-ah.”

junhong looks satisfied albeit the shy smile. he leans down to retrieve something from under jongup’s bed. he dumps the things inside of the brown bag on top jongup’s stomach, and jongup sees;

a pack of condom, if he’s not mistaken
a bottle with huge ‘lubricant’ label around the transparent body
a huge sum of money
a booklet (?)

“youngjae-hyung says we should go to a cheap hotel,” junhong takes the money and counts it happily. “whoaaa he even gave us more money to buy food afterward!”

jongup sits up and junhong is on his lap now, the four essential materials in between their bodies. he rubs his eyes and takes the booklet.

it’s the manual of how to have a safe but still amazing boy x boy sex.

the corners of jongup’s eyes twitch, especially as he glances at junhong’s excited expression. he’s content enough with kissing-cuddling-sleeping together; but the sex business complicates everything. he doesn’t want to hurt junhong, but junhong seems so eager to take their relationship to a whole different level. he loves junhong, so much, but he’s still not sure.

but if he verbalizes his weak objection, then junhong will be angry again and he doesn’t think he can live with that.

so jongup captures junhong’s lips in a sweet kiss as an answer.

to be c o n t i n u e d

Tags: #kpop slash, #master-to the-list
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