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tender age volume iii

jongup/junhong | NC-17 | mention of banghim and daejae
2, 580 words

volume ivolume ii

“jongupie-hyung!” junhong pouts because jongup is messing up their dance dynamic again, “jongupie-hyung, please pay attention.”

“okay obviously we all need a break,” yongguk eases a gummy smile to jongup’s direction. “jongup-ah, come with me to get drinks.”

jongup catches the two oldest hyungs exchange a glance, with himchan’s hand linger on yongguk’s wrist a little bit longer than necessary. junhong is staring at him, still pouting.

“jongup-ah,” yongguk calls from the sliding doors.

“coming, hyung.”

“what’s going on?” yongguk ruffles his sweaty hair and jongup grimaces sheepishly.

“i’m sorry,” he offers, because it’s too embarrassing.

“hyung can’t help if you’re like this,” yongguk drags him to the farthest vending machine that is outside TS building, his grip on jongup’s bicep is calming. “hm?”

“i just get distracted,” jongup whispers, too paranoid that the empty hallway will hear him.

yongguk continues when they’re in the elevator, “it’s junhongie, right?” and jongup covers his face with both hands.

“is it time?” yongguk pats his slumped shoulders in a reassuring, totally not judging way. everyone is well aware about jongup’s reason on delaying to have sex with junhong, and they never talk about it anymore.

apparently, jongup’s self restraint is crumbling. the kid’s persistence lasts(ed?) for about six months. that’s amazing.

“so what are you going to do about it?” yongguk leads the way, bowing slightly to the receptionist behind the front desk.

“i don’t know how to tell junhong that i want him,” jongup looks down to his sneakers. “i mean, hyung, i was the one rejecting his advances. i feel stupid now. i can’t fight the temptation. have you seen him, yongguk-hyung? like, really really see him?”

“i have your himchannie-hyung for that,” yongguk laughs, selecting daehyun and youngjae’s drinks. “but i think i understand, jongup-ah, i—”

“what do you mean you have himchan-hyung?” jongup frowns.

“aaaaaa,” yongguk’s left eye twitches. he doesn’t meet jongup’s scrutinizing stare. “what? nothing. himchan is our visual after all. but like i said, i understand what you’re implying. you need to talk to junhong though, take it nice and slow. i’m sure junhong himself is happy that you...you know.” his grin is slightly forced.

“hyung can arrange everything so you’ll be left alone with junhong. you just have to tell me when.”

whenever yongguk is nervous, he blabbers. just like now. and jongup might not be the sharpest kid but he’s never one to ask further about anything that’s not qualified as his business.

“okay,” he punches the button to get junhong’s favorite energy drink brand. “thank you, yongguk-hyung, i really appreciate it.”

yongguk ruffles his hair again, seemingly more thankful than he does.

₪ ₪ ₪

the ‘talk’ with junhong goes surprisingly easy and junhong even kisses him as an apology for losing his temper at jongup earlier.

“i can’t wait,” junhong sneakily pecks jongup’s cheek before he runs out of their shared room, the tips of his ears are reddening.

₪ ₪ ₪

the problem is, jongup didn’t tell his giant baby bbuing bbuing boyfriend everything. like, how can he tell junhong to stop smiling because your smile turns me on or stop dancing because your body makes me want to jump on you right here right now or stop doing literally everything because—

jongup lets out a subconscious, loud sigh, and daehyun smirks next to him.

“rough day?” he asks with a playful tone. “or should i say...rough days?

jongup shoves a random stuffed toy to daehyun’s laughing face.

“should we go now? but it’s a rule not to do it in our room,” daehyun yells at yongguk, “yongguk-hyung! are you giving them another special treatment?”

yongguk makes sure junhong is too preoccupied with youngjae’s ipad before he holds up a thumb and mouthing,


daehyun turns to jongup and jongup splutters.

“yep. definitely now.” daehyun gets up from the couch and goes to the kitchen to fetch himchan and youngjae. yongguk gives jongup an encouraging fatherly smile and talks to junhong.

himchan and youngjae are wriggling their eyebrows when they enter the living room, along with forever smirking daehyun. without further ado they take their coats and waits for yongguk to join them. yongguk is pulling junhong to sit on jongup’s lap as he proceeds to leave. when the front door is clicked shut, junhong instantly hides his face at the crook of jongup’s neck; hugging jongup’s tense shoulders and jongup swallows as he inhales junhong’s milky body wash.

“uh,” he smartly says. “um.”

“i always want jongupie-hyung to carry me like i’m a koala,” junhong whispers shyly. “will you, jongupie-hyung?”

“w-where to?” jongup’s throat feels too dry.

“bedroom, please,” junhong nuzzles his nose to jongup’s nape and jongup can do nothing but to surrender to his bodily instinct. with a grunt, he lifts the back of junhong’s knees and pushes his feet to stand up. when he’s steady enough junhong is looking down at him with a very cute smile and he looks proud of his cheetos boyfriend’s strength and jongup tightens his hold on junhong’s waist as he licks junhong’s lips.

he’s wobbling to their shared room, and he sits on his bunk, careful not to hurt junhong’s head. they both smile shyly.



a pause.


“can i—”

more shy smiles.

now what.

₪ ₪ ₪

“thankfully we don’t have any schedule tomorrow,” youngjae comments as the hyungs are enjoying dinner at a pasta restaurant in hongdae.

“well it’s not like jongup will hurt junhongie,” himchan pipes in, wiping the left corner of yongguk’s mouth. “yongguk-ah you’re eating like a barbarian. anyway, there’s a possibility that jongupie will back off at the last minute.”

“himchan’s right,” yongguk sniffs. “i eat just fine, umma, shut up.”

“let’s go shopping then,” daehyun is finished with his spaghetti, and now he’s eyeing youngjae’s risotto. “it’s been awhile.”

₪ ₪ ₪

they’re lying side by side, kissing noisily, with junhong’s pajama pants on his ankles and his briefs on his thighs. jongup is stroking junhong’s throbbing cock, his hand is slicked by the previously unused water based lube from youngjae many months ago, while junhong is scrunching his face, gasping, moaning, effortlessly making jongup’s erection hurts as his blunt nails paint half crescents on jongup’s naked bicep and chest.

“a-ah,” junhong bites jongup’s bottom lip as he comes messily to their stomachs, his pale cheeks flushing fiery red down to his sweaty neck. junhong didn’t want to go completely naked so his transformers t-shirt stays. but he asked jongup to go shirtless and jongup is never to deny anything junhong wants.

he resumes his kissing festive, cupping junhong’s soft jawline and lets gravity do its job so now he’s on top of a very needy junhong with his tongue tracing the inside of junhong’s warm mouth. junhong sighs happily into their kiss, and jongup is not feeling guilty anymore as he ruts his erection against junhong’s right thigh.

jongup’s left hand sneaks into junhong’s t-shirt to map the smooth skin underneath, and junhong throws his head back abruptly when jongup’s fingers graze his nipple.

“hyung,” junhong blinksblinksblinks, awed, and then he does the same to jongup’s nipple.

jongup groans.

“hyung,” junhong kisses his chin, giggling. “hyung you’re feeling good, right?”

“y-yeah,” jongup doesn’t know why he’s stuttering. “you too, right?”

“you’re just simply the best,” junhong beams and jongup thinks he’s the most beautiful human in the whole world. “i love you so much.”

jongup lets junhong hug him. he hasn’t come, but it’s not a big deal he’ll take a cold shower after this. he shifts so his erection won’t be pressed anywhere near his younger boyfriend, but it does anyway and junhong gasps,

“oh my god jongupie-hyung,” he scratches jongup’s back as he flails like a baby sea lion, “oh my god i’m so sorry! come on get in me!”

jongup laughs like a hyena, half amused half more turned on than ever. remembering his hyungs’ generous consideration to go out of the dorm so they can have sex, he decides to mentally cross his fingers praying that he won’t screw up his first time with his super ultra cute giant baby bbuing bbuing boyfriend.

“okay,” jongup leans back to retrieve the bottle of lube, opens the cap and squirts tons of the gel to his fingers. “okay, junhong-ah,” he wants to cry at junhong’s hopeful, awaiting face.

he says, “promise to tell me if i hurt you.”

“you won’t,” junhong does a mehrong, “but yes, hyung, i promise.” he closes his eyes, and spreads his longlonglong legs.

he squirms when jongup slowly pushes in his middle finger, his chest heaving at the actually-not-so-foreign intrusion; jongup’s finger is just thinner and longer, and it’s a different sensation than his own, so junhong takes a deep breath and tries to relax. using the heels of his feet on jongup’s shoulder blades, he urges jongup to scoot closer to him.

“grab my thigh, hyung,” junhong moans when jongup slides his finger out and then slides it back in quickly.

jongup does as he’s told, but somehow, junhong is getting more impatient.

“more, hyung,” he whines, “more, now.”

jongup swallows bitter saliva once, twice, and he adds his index finger and junhong smiles in content; puckering his lips as jongup finally stretches him.

jongup’s mind is working hard to recall all of the preparing information from the booklet youngjae gave him. at this point, he can start the scissoring motion before adding the third finger. if it’s necessary, he can try to add in the fourth just so he will fit in there. jongup squirts more lube straight to junhong’s spasming hole, and junhong’s whole body jerks because of its coldness.

“s-sorry,” jongup slides in his third finger, and junhong just moans louder.

jongup carelessly wipes the sweat on his eyes, his vision is now cleared, and the sight welcoming him is, hands down, so goddamn arousing even yongguk’s stash of porn that he watches on occasion can’t compare. junhong is positively trembling and making erotic faces and jongup is already leaking precum he’s not so sure he will last long if he doesn’t—

junhong accidentally kicks his chest when his fingers touch a solid spot and jongup moans at how junhong tightens around his poor fingers.

he aims for that spot again, and junhong’s eyes snapped open in pure ecstasy.

“hyung!” his refilling cock is slapping against his stomach, also leaking precum, and jongup pulls out his shaking fingers to try putting on the slippery condom. junhong leans to his elbows, looking dazed and sososo fuckable jongup successfully tears up the condom.

“w-what the,” he growls and reaches for another, but junhong just giggles and shakes his head, telling him to fuck the condom.

“hey,” jongup chokes back a moan when junhong spits to his palms and begins stroking jongup’s purpling cock with messy strokes. “hey, you c-cursed,” jongup grips the bed sheet until his knuckles turn white. junhong’s hands feel like heaven.

“i did,” junhong whispers as he cruelly squeezes jongup’s cock, and then he turns to his hands and knees. “and i will. fuck me, jongupie-hyung, fuck me hard. don’t think, just do it.”


jongup puts his hands on junhong’s wide hips, bites junhong’s nape as he presses his erection in between junhong’s ass cheeks. he pushes in slowly, inch by inch, one arm around junhong’s abdomen because he needs some kind of anchor or a restrai—oh my god what is this?

it’s too good oh my god.

he pushespushespushes until junhong sobs and he realizes that he’s seated to the hilt; nowhere to move but thrusting in and out like the pornstars do so jongup does, slowly, slowly, slowly, and then, somehow, everything becomes so wet and too hot he has to stop. his cock is spurting so many precum and everything becomes even wetter.

and way hotter.

and jongup pulls out until he can see the tip of his cock. the thick whitey substance is oozing out from junhong’s stretched, pink hole, and when jongup’s pelvis meets junhong’s ass, it creates a very very very obscure squelching sound.

jongup likes it.

“move,” junhong stutters, “jongupie-hyung, please.”

junhong is so tight, and jongup is actually scared that he’s hurting junhong; because the pleasure he’s feeling as junhong’s inner muscles clamping around his cock is indescribable is the best is so fucking addictive he can’t help but to speed up. he presses his chest to junhong’s clothed back, biting the collar as his hips pistoning into junhong and junhong is clawing the sheet, too, clenching unclenching clenching unclenching clenching unclenching and meeting jongup’s thrusts with his own; mewling cutely whenever jongup reaches the solid spot but not really, and he shouts jongup’s name at one particular hard thrust.

“hyung...” junhong wheezes, “jongupie-hyung, kiss me.”

jongup wastes no time to pull out, gently flips junhong over to face him and takes the back of junhong’s knees as he slides in to the tight heat. but he waits for junhong to adjust to the new angle, waits for junhong to open his eyes and beckons him to lean down and then he kisses junhong’s salty lips, rocking his hips forward.

“ah,” junhong sobs to jongup’s mouth, furrowing his eyebrows. “ngh,” he hikes his legs higher to lock them around jongup’s torso, inhales deeply, and lets the overwhelming stimulation consuming all of his senses.

he whispers wantonly, “give it to me, jongupie-hyung,” just as jongup picks up a pace. jongup falls to the pillow next to junhong’s head, his tendons are flexing due to his erratic movement and junhong’s blunt nails are on his head; tugging sharply at his hair and then moves to mark his skin with bruises everytime he hits that one spot inside. jongup feels the pit of his stomach is about to burst anytime soon, he’s soclosethisclose, so he gets to his knees, folds junhong’s body into two, and enjoys the real definition of fucking at its finest as he fucks junhong to the mattress, the bed frame is creaking wildly along with him and junhong is crying and jongup sees stars behind his eyelids when he releases his seeds into junhong’s quivering hole.

“holy shit,” jongup mutters, hips seeking for an afterglow friction. he’s boneless and sated, crushing junhong underneath him.

junhong is quietly sniffling, petting jongup’s nape with groggy fingers. his legs on jongup’s waist are slackening, and he bucks up his hips to search for any contact for his erection, which happens to meet with jongup’s abs.

“hyung,” junhong whines, “hyung.”

jongup kisses junhong’s button nose, grinning apologetically as he pulls out, and grabs junhong’s cock.

they end up doing it again not much later, with junhong bouncing on top of jongup, and jongup is thankful for his phone that he always puts on his bed, because junhong’s whiny moans and swollen lips are way much hotter than any of yongguk’s porn.

₪ ₪ ₪

the hyungs find the two maknaes sleeping soundly on the couch, junhong’s favorite spiderman blanket is draped over their bodies. their shared room is apparently clean, but the smell from himchan’s rose oil air refresher is too strong even with the air con on its lowest temperature.

in the end, all of them are sleeping on the makeshift beds in the living room. it’s been a good day.

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